Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sometimes seeking God can be the hardest part of our christian life... especially if our souls have become calloused to His Spirit. Our hearts can become hard through disappointments, loses, or misplaced affections. Many Christians enter in to what they call a "wilderness experience" NOT by divine orchestration. Though the Lord may bring someone through a time of testing, He has not called His church to a wilderness, but a promised land! This promise land is where we abide in our all sufficient God, and join with Him in love for His purposes and kingdom advancement. We live not to gain the favor of God, but FROM the favor of God.

When the weight of our sin or disappointments pile up, it can seem impossible to have a breakthrough with God. But it's not! God dwells just behind the veil. Some of my most wonderful God encounters where when I experienced a breakthrough from a self induced "wilderness." Some quick pointers for breakthrough.

1. Faith. We must believe that God wants us to come through and that He loves us, even in our weakness.
2. Repentance. We must be willing to see ourselves in the true condition of our hearts.
3. Press In. This can seem like the last thing we want to do, when we are overwhelmed... "Pressing in" has to do with setting our hearts / faces to seek God. This can practically look like prayer and fasting...
When we go to God in prayer and find a huge wall... know God wants you through that! Expect the Holy Spirit to show you what that wall is. As soon as He does, allow Him to bring you through. There are spiritual realities of iniquity, unbelief, bitterness, unforgiveness etc... that actually hinder us from experiencing God. The Holy Spirit will always be merciful in allowing us to deal with these issues because He longs for unhindered fellowship.

Jer. 29:13 And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

Father, You are the God of breakthrough. Your love causes us to conquer. Lord triumph over the work of Your hands today. Grant grace love and breakthrough for your sons and daughters. Let FAITH rise up in their hearts to take hold of You. Let your love lead us your people to abide in the Promised land of your love.

Blessings - Richy


Anonymous said...

What a promise for us all. He has said He is a rewarder of those of us who will press in that way. he has also said that there is no way we can gasp or imagine the glory that is in store for us as we leave it all to love Him. I want to be one who will leave it all to love Him. I feel the distance between my desires and the place where I really am. But I also feel the ecstasy of the approaching glory, The Hope and joy at the end of me. What a day that will be! I love you, Mama

Arberto said...

I believe that an occasional wilderness experience is very necessary if we want to really mature and move on in our walk. Jesus many times left everyone and went out into the desert to be alone. Paul had several years. Moses etc... It is very valuable. even self induced. Who cares? Does God? If it is an act of stepping back from the way you think you've been seeking God and allowing Him to correct and realign your thoughts to His. That is a very good thing. I recommend it to everyone. I never knew how religious/critical and judgmental I was until. I put myself in a wilderness. an act of desperation to find stability and balance.

Some people strive so much in what they think is seeking God that they experience an occasional fall. The church has a bad habit of saying "get up and keep doing what you were doing" therefore people continue in the same life pattern over and over. Constantly battling guilt and shame. Some people need to intentialy take a step back… and be real and honest and allow God to work with that.

Performance… Striving… religious doing… these things do not make you closer to God. What he wants is a pure heart and honest heart… people that rest and trust in Him. Peace! - Rob

arb said...

Yes let the church come out! Maybe that Joshua song ... cross the jordan needs some resurection. ??

peace today bro.