Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Becoming Like Christ Through Prayer

In case you haven't figured it out... we are not basically good! That is, apart from Christ. Even when we come to Christ, we have a ways to go in becoming like Christ. We are saved, and we are being saved! I have found in my early walk with God, that I would have these huge breakthroughs of experiencing God's heart, and then run with that for a season. However, God desires that we daily walk with His heart! When I drift from an intimate relationship with Jesus, my heart begins to regress back to that cold, self-centered soul I was before Christ. This is why Jesus has us pray in Matt. 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread. We need to get our spiritual sustenance from a continual abiding with Him.

...THIS LIFE IS DEVELOPED THROUGH CONTINUAL, INTENTIONAL PRAYER! The flesh hates prayer! The spirit life grows in prayer!

Make a decision today to begin the prayer life you've dreamed of! Get to know the vastness of our God! Become a friend of God!

"God, tonight I'm not going to go out with my friends, I'm going to spend 4 hours in my closet." "Kids, tonight we are not going to watch T.V. were going to pray and worship together as a family."

God increase our hunger for You! Let us know the greatness we are called to in You! Lord bring us in!

Grace today! - Richy

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