Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Knowing THE Word

Our minds are not just renewed by reading His word but receiving His word in our spirits! I can read and memorize scripture, and it not make me more "spiritual." Satan new the scriptures... The Pharisee’s knew the scriptures, and they didn't recognize the living scriptures when He was standing right in front of them... In fact they crucified that very word they allegedly knew so well!

So how do we avoid just becoming more knowledgeable and religious!? We read to encounter Him... To let the words change our spirit. We read to be changed into His likeness. ...to be with Jesus. This means I may not always get make certain number of chapters in a day... because the Holy Spirit may be on one verse! There is a treasure there to be found! Our walk with God...its just that... a RELATIONSHIP! Jesus said many people will do a lot of things "for Me," but the father will have never known them... The result of not being known by God is eternal separation. My prayer is that I would be clothed with the feelings of His heart. ..That I would know Him intimately and be doing what He is doing... because I'm His friend, and He is mine!

Father, I ask for renewed hunger in us Your people to not just know about You, but to know You. Oh Lord You are merciful and kind.. Let that kindness lead us into an intimate fellowship with You. Lord break every religious barrier that keeps us from the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Let grace flood the heart of the reader today...

Joy and blessings - Richy

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