Monday, March 24, 2008

God's Hiding of Us

Is. 49:2 And He has made My mouth like a sharp sword;
In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me,
And made Me a polished shaft;
In His quiver He has hidden Me.”

Those truly passionate to be used of God in a mighty way, may find themselves in a place of public obscurity for extended seasons. These are times where God is hiding us. Not because of our "greatness," but because of the work He is doing in our lives, preparing us for kingdom influence. Many a zealous new christian, receives a "word" from someone, "Your going to be great and win multitudes," IMMEDIATELY, they buy a website and start trying to make this "word" happen. I actually know of a ministry (no longer exists) that went into thousands and thousands of dollars of debt, purchasing a giant sound system, lighting name it, all to have it fall out from under them in a few years. God wants to prepare us to bring forth fruit that remains! To do that, we must embrace the seasons of the Lord, and recognize HIS timing.

He's not just keeping us "in the shadow of His hand," He is sharpening and polishing us, placing us in His quiver! ...One day to be shot out like an arrow that hits the mark! The Apostle Paul started off strong after his conversion, then went into a place of obscurity for 13 years, before re-emerging to have the most powerful and influential ministry of the new covenant to date! Don't short circuit the dealings of the Lord. The world doesn't need YOUR compassion or ministry! They need broken people who are moving in the power and authority of heaven! Trust God is working a beautiful thing in you! Embrace it! Amen

- Richy Clark

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