Thursday, March 6, 2008

Open the Floodgates

Yesterday the Arizona state government decided to open the floodgates and flood the grand canyon! ( if I weren't blogging from my iPhone I'd put a link) Their main reason for flooding the grand canyon is to mimic the natural life of the river. Floods clean out the mess and make way for new life! Joel 2 says "in the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh" I'll take the flooding of the grand canyon as a "tidbit" prophetic sign post of the coming spiritual flood to the desert of the American church!

Let's pray that way today!

Father open the floodgates of heaven! Wash the American church. Baptize her afreash. Clean away all the dirt and bring forth new life. In Jesus name. Amen


Anonymous said...

amen.. pray for me you and your peeps please.. i am being attacked... it wont let up.. just a feeling ..not participating in any thoughts.. arb

supern8 said...