Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Perfect Place

All of us seek significance. For most humans on earth, our self value comes from what we do, or who we know. I remember the strange responses I received from good friends and family when I chose (twice, now) to leave my vocation (aka. paycheck) to pursue the calling of God on my life. (aka no guaranteed paycheck) I actually had one friend say "oh I'm sorry you have to do that." Ha. What I am slowly learning is the perfect place or vocation is the will of God. There is no salary I would accept to move me from the plans and purposes of God. I told one friend, "I would rather live in a grass hut in the will of God, than in a mansion out of His will." So I'll drive my mini van and eat at cici's yet live like a king in a pure concience before my God.
Matt 5:6 "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you."
He is the perfect place.

Father I pray grace to those needing to break ties of temporary fullfillment or "security." May they, like Peter, step out of the boat of self comfort and walk on water! God for moms who've not had enough faith to quit their jobs and raise their children, for buisness men whom You are calling to fund kingdom advance, to pastors who've not spoken the truth... God break out. Amen.

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Jess said...

amen amen... so glad we are RICH. :)