Monday, March 17, 2008

Perfect Unity

I was blow away yesterday, while studying John 16 and 17, at the unity of the Godhead. Before you check out from this blog... attempt to read on...

THE PERFECT UNITY OF THE TRINITY as seen in the Gospel of John:

Jesus sent to the world by the Fathers command (17:3)
Jesus said He does nothing without the Father, (8:54,17:8)
Jesus speaks nothing but what the Father speaks, (17:8)
Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Him. (17:21)
Jesus glorifies the Father (16:4)

The Spirit sent to the world from the Father and the command of Jesus, (16:7)
The Spirit speaking only what He receives from Jesus who receives from the Father (16:13-15)
The Spirit taking truth from Jesus and speaking it to us. (16:14)
The Spirit glorifies Jesus. (16:15)

The Father creating the world through the words of Jesus (1:1 ,17:24)
The Father giving all things to Jesus, including us. (17:6,17:24)
The Father gives the Holy Spirit, from Himself to the world, to testify of Jesus. (15:26)
The Father glorifies Jesus (16:5)

So you can see the selfless love of the Trinity, honoring one another, and continually giving to one another...
-Then Jesus drives it home in verse 11 "that they (us) may be one as We (the Trinity) are." That we would have horizontal unity with each other as the Trinity has unity...

-AND EVEN FURTHER... in vs. 22. Jesus says He give US the glory that the Father gave Him, that we might join in perfect fellowship with the Trinity. Our perfect, or true unity comes in our unbroken fellowship with the Trinity.

Father may our love for one another be as Your love. May we be one as You oh God are one! Let us join into the glory of Your fellowship so that....(- and FINALLY) .. THE WORLD MAY KNOW THAT JESUS IS GOD! (17:23)

Take some time to absorb this yourself in John 16 and 17... you could spend years on it! Amen - Richy Clark

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