Monday, April 14, 2008

Free From Lust

I remember as a teenager, wanting to write a book called "Free From Lust." The problem was, the book kept getting delayed! I'm glad to say (by grace) that I could write that book now, but it's been many years of growing in my relationship with God. As much as I wanted God in my early twenties, it was always a terrible wake up call to the nearness of my carnality, when I'd have a lustful thought or desire. The truth I held on to, was believing that I could actually be free! Meaning, not just coming to grips with my carnality and believing that I would always struggle with lust...thus not pursuing real freedom; but believing I could walk in continual freedom! "who the son sets free FREE." There is much I could say here to encourage you to freedom..(I could write a book about it..) but here are a few truths that God used to bring about my deliverance.

1. Ultimately, freedom comes in pursuing intimacy with God. In the wake of our pursuit of Him, His Holy Spirit guides us into freedom from all that hinders that intimacy.
2. Rather than focus on lust, let the Holy Spirit deal with the greater issue of all sensuality in Your life. That is, all addictions to stimulating the senses.
3. Prayer WITH fasting. Fasting is the Christians "secret" weapon! Fasting is not a means of gaining spiritual "brownie points," but is a self humbling that positions us to receive from God. Fasting is a New Testament practice as well as the old. My greatest victories over sensuality have come through extending seasons of prayer and fasting, where by the assistance of the Holy Spirit, I came into a deliverance of sensual addictions, and developed an INCREASED hunger for the things of God. (His pleasures)
4. A strong revelation of the Fathers love and mercy in receiving us every time we repent of moral failure. It's ultimately this amazing mercy that wins us over in love relationship with Him. When young Christians do not have this revelation of a merciful God, they many times lose faith, because they cannot meet the demands of that come from themselves. Remember, our righteousness comes from Him and through Him. Our voluntary pursuit of God opens the door for His supernatural involvement in transforming our hearts! You are not alone in this battle... there is victory!
5. As our hearts are transformed, pleasure comes to us in new ways. Godly pleasures.. Moses "forsook the passing pleasures of sin, for the greater riches in Christ Jesus." Pursue the greater riches!

I still have to practice self control, ask God to deliver me from temptation etc... but my desires are ever changing.. I find that I'm not abstaining from certain "pleasures" because they "are wrong," but rather seeking out greater pleasures. Pleasures only found in Jesus.

Father I ask that you strengthen the heart of those reading, that need strengthening in these areas. You are ever merciful and able to set a generation free. I thank you for a whole army of young people who have an appetite for the greater pleasures of loving God. Lord You are able. Give our culture a breakthrough, a revelation of Holiness that rocks the nations. Holiness based on intimacy with You. Who the Son sets free is free indeed! Amen

Our continual freedom comes because we do not want to hinder our beautiful communion with God.


J-diddy said...

wow what an awesome word. i think i am on the right track on dissolving lustful actions from me. He is my righteousness, his name is Righteous.
Your fifth point about Moses foresaking wordly stuff, did it say in 'Christ Jesus' cuz that wouldn't have made sense or did you mean somebody else. you know where it is in the Bible?
Luv ya man, that's encouraging

Viking Granny!!!! said...