Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Real Jesus

My heart hurts today for this generation. I’m not going to try to “write” here, just bleed a bit. Every time I get quiet enough, I become aware of an ache in my soul… really. I believe It’s God’s ache for souls. ..for lost sons and daughters. While the church is figuring out who they are, multitudes are in the valley of decision. An entire generation is growing up in our backyard without the knowledge and experience of Jesus. We have an old stale religious (man centered) gospel that is powerless to transform them, or let alone get their attention. At most, church just causes a raised eyebrow or a cynical remark. I am grieved today for this generation. And truly… truly many of them long for the real thing. The real Jesus. The Jesus who heals. The Jesus who loves.

I’m thankful and aware that we as the church go through seasons, I just wonder and marvel at how introverted we (myself) can become in God. ( I have to believe that If I can just touch His heart, that I will explode with unconditional love for others. If I can just get a glimpse of Him, maybe I’ll become like Him. Selfless, unafraid. Bold in love. He is so humble. )

Oh God, please. Please raise up a church just like You. I pray Your prayer Jesus. Oh that we’d be one. Truly one. Oh that we’d reflect the Father, and not our own conception of God. Oh that those who ache for the reality would see it in us. Jesus, don’t let another generation die in the wilderness. OH GOD RAISE UP WARRIORS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, OH GOD NOW. GOD FOR THE HARDCORE KIDS, FOR THE EMO KIDS, FOR THE LOVELESS, FOR THE DESTITUE. OH JESUS, RAISE UP TRUE MISSIONARIES TO AMERICA!

We are not an evangelized nation. America needs the real Jesus.
- Richy Clark


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Anonymous said...

Do It God!!!!

VIKING Granny!!!! said...

Richy Please do not RE THINK your style of music.

Unless of course GOD is telling you something new.

But I love Radiant.....and the influences I hear in all your music.....

Radiant does NOT need any organ music .....O NO

Radiant Worship said...

Alright folks... I need to do another blog... coming soon!

Anonymous said...

You said it! If we can just catch a glimpse of Him... My God! That is my constant prayer. That I may be blessed to entertain an ACCURATE thought of our Lord. Not who I think He is, but just the reality of Him; in Truth and Light. Since the Word tells us that Jesus is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature (Hebrews 1:3), then I figure Jesus is the best place to start to study the attributes of my God. I believe that every thing that ever happens, happens to have you reach for God or the have you help someone else reach for God. That's it. And my, what a blessing it is to be able to pursue Him.

Prayer: Teach us Lord God, to glory You in all things. Pour Truth into our hearts, that we may behold Thee.