Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy B-day Chuck!

Well, this month marks the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, founder of the evolutionary theory. There will be celebrations all across the globe, but interestingly most will be here in the United States. The popularity of Darwinism is not rooted in man’s love for science, but man's love for themselves. Darwin finally gave man a “scientific” reason to ignore God and His moral law written on our hearts. What fuels the spread of Darwinism is a commitment that all of life has its origins in the natural (physically observable) world. AKA “Naturalistic Philosophy.” A philosophy, not a true science.

Unfortunately most evolutionary scientists have committed themselves to a “science” of continually changing and evolving theories to try to answer life’s questions. Because of the many theoretical inconsistencies, complexity of organisms, and plain lack of evidence, many scientists who are willing to think are beginning to search beyond purely natural origins for the cause of life. (while still attempting to eliminate God from the equations) What’s becoming popular over the last few decades is the “seeded” life theory, which includes the possibility that life was seeded from extraterrestrials. (seriously) This theory just pushes the origin questions back further. ( much like the continual expansion of time “answer” given in need to explain life’s complexities. )

Evolution has fueled racism, genocide, slavery, cut-throat capitalism (ahem), the abandonment of moral principles, the suicide rate, and the general decline of society. (to name some of its woes) This is nothing to celebrate.

Creation is not something that we should just learn at a special side room class on Sunday mornings. It’s not extracurricular Christianity, it is absolutely foundational truth. The Bible starts with the creation account for a reason! All vain philosophies stem from the belief that God has nothing to do with our existence. If we are going to truly reach this world with the Gospel we must break-through our culture with anointed truth and revelation of our intentional design by God.

I would challenge you to learn the scientific answers that combat the bad science of evolution! We shouldn’t attempt to argue scripture with science, as scripture carries no authority to those who don’t give it authority. However, we can easily argue bad science with good science. A great resource I’ve come across is

Folks, WE WERE CREATED!! Life, the planet, the solar system, the universe was created IN PLACE!! Animals were created each “after their own kind,” with the genetic ability to adapt. ( but not beyond their kind! ) Man was created unique to all creation, in the image of God, from the dirt by the breath of God!! We have a SPIRIT!! ….because God is SPIRIT!! We are SPIRITUAL whether we want to admit it or not!!

Father, raise up prophets to the culture who clearly demonstrate the reality of Creation. Take the blinders off this generation to see Your wonders, that all “are without excuse.” Let this generation come out of our “strong delusion” that life evolved out of nothing. Continually release new scientific discoveries that astound the world, and point to a designer. Amen. – Richy Clark

“Rom. 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse..”