Friday, July 31, 2009

The Coal Vision

While currently in a season of crying out for fresh spiritual fire, I have found myself freshly aware of my terrible depravity. Figures. This morning I was praying Psalms 51 (which I do often) asking God to “purge” my iniquity.

As my prayer became very intense and I began to see myself lying prostrate before the throne. As this imagery became stronger in my mind I actually thought, “sweet I’m going into a vision.” I knew there was God on the throne and he was surrounded by creatures, I wasn’t able to look directly at Him or the creatures but was aware of them. Around me was many diamonds, but they were flat and like the diamond shape on a playing card, lying seemingly prostrate before the throne. ( I believe these may be other people ) As I continued praying “purge my iniquity,” I saw myself lying in a blackness. I started getting depressed seeing that I was in darkness, it seemed. I continued crying out “purge my iniquity,” hoping that maybe an angel would come with a coal and cleanse my lips, like Isaiah’s experience. (Isaiah 6) Instead, I noticed I was actually lying in and on black coals. Coals that were no longer burning. I became more depressed realizing that all these coals were past times in which the Lord had come and mercifully cleansed my sin. At this point I wanted the vision to change badly. I kept trying to force the vision to be different, trying to imagine that an angel did come after all and cleanse my lips again, making me clean, and making all the blackness go away, but I could not change the vision. I just lay there in darkness, on top of and surrounded by coals, circled by my past failures.

So I then began to drift out of the vision, becoming more aware of my surroundings in the natural. I was glad that God had cleansed me so many times, but not satisfied with what I was seeing, nor feeling resolved. After a few minutes, I heard a small voice in my mind say, “My work is complete, I’m going to light that coal on fire.” - Richy Clark


Viking Granny!!!! said...

Wow heavy so raw so real.... WOW! God is moving and how exciting to know His work is complete and GET READY for the FIRE... OMG how encouraging and timely.. God is so good and sweet and compassionate and loving and kind. I am so thankful to HIM for everything HE is doing in our family and in the body of CHRIST. HE IS GOOD!

misskerri said...

Just a note to encourage you - diamonds come from coals that are compressed.... You're a diamond in the making