Monday, August 10, 2009

Spiritual Core Strength

Part of my New Year's resolution this year, with millions of other people, was to work out regularly. At my first venture into the gym, I became VERY aware of my general scrawny like features. (there are mirrors everywhere) This doesn’t bother me but does seem humorous amoung much bulkier people. Most people in the room were very intense about what they were doing, and stared at themselves constantly while “improving” their physique . I however, was not sure how to use any of the machines, so spent a considerable amount of time jogging in place on a treadmill, going nowhere. I eventually got some instructions from a relative who is into this sort of thing, and was told I need to focus on my “core strength.” That being my back and internal strength of my physical body. So much of my exercises became focused on such, while other folks pumped iron. The idea was, once my core strength was up, I could then focus on the rest of my body becoming stronger.

A great prayer in my heart recently has been to be freshly rooted in the love of God for me. I (we) need this spiritual “core strength” to truly love others and be motivated to serve properly. I am thankful for the Lords dealings, which in my young age of 31, has trimmed back many false motivations in my heart. However, now I am virtually completely unmotivated without a divine infusion of love. This is a good “problem.”

Romans 8:37 says we are “more than conquers, through Him who loved us.” Vs. 15 says we have “received the spirit of adoption, by whom we cry out ‘abba Father.’” We overcome because we are grounded in the love of the Father for us. We are able to effectively love others and serve consistently because Dad is on the sidelines rooting for us.

I am sometimes amazed by how self motivated and consistent some young people are toward their goals. In most of these cases, there is a parent, or parents that have faithfully encouraged them on their journey. They receive strength to face obstacles and press on from this kind of support. Believers that have not had this kind of support can tend to give up easily, be prone to discouragement, and not finish well. However, all of us have access to this “spirit of adoption” that makes us “more than conquerors.”

Many modern “ministries” are launched purely on an individual possesing a grace gift of some sort. With our media driven society, it’s possible to have a ministry come to the limelight prematurely. With a great focus on the externals, many times these flashpot ministries will run themselves dry, ending in some sort of burn out, or even a scandal.

God is raising up end-time ministries that are in for the long haul. Those who’ll endure “to the end.” These groups or individuals will posses an uncanny spiritual core strength able to face and overcome the greatest obstacles the church has ever seen, all the while prospering and advancing the kingdom of God. Steward the oil in your lamp, meditate and receive the love of God for you. Allow him to trim away all false motivations and “strengths.” Let Him be your strength! - Richy Clark



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